WordPress is the largest and the best CMS online and it gives you the ability to do almost anything with your blog. wordpress是一个很广泛很好的在线CMS,并且可以靠它对你的博客做几乎任何事。 It does not matter if you want to create a single page site, a blog, a sales page, a social bookmark or anything, wordpress is the most flexible and highly customizable ally you have. 如果你想建个单页面站点、博客、销售页面、社会化标签或者是任何事都没有问题,wordpress是你所有的一个非常灵活和极度可定制的结合。 One great ability wordpress has is that it allows you to choose from a list of various plugins and themes you can use to enhance your blog. 有一个不错的高效的wordpress是它允许你从一堆各种插件和模板中选择用于增强你的博客。

Below are 28 great wordpress plugins you must have, and what they do.

以下是28款不错的wordpress插件你必须拥有和他们的介绍 I personally use all these plugins and I have never had any problem with them so I can assure you they work. 我个人全用这些插件并且也没有碰到什么问题,所以我能让你确信他们的工作。 1. After The Deadline: Wow! This is a must have! How many time have you published a post just to re-read and meet a typo? I have done exactly that and it is not that I would have intentionally published the typo but my eyes skipped it and that exactly is where after the deadline comes in. After the deadline is a powerful proofreading plugin that helps eliminate typographical errors even wordpress or Microsoft word can NEVER see. 1. After The Deadline:哇!这个必须有!多少次你发布文章后仅仅重读就会看到错误?LETOU体育备用网址 2. Insights: Link building is the god father of SEO and this plugin helps you simplify that by making it seemingly easy for you to search for blog posts and easily insert links to them into keywords when writing a new post. 3. All In One SEO Pack: This plugin is being talked every where SEO is talked is by far the best wordpress seo plugin out there. It gives you various options and unlike other wordpress plugins, it does not force a link on you. 4. Akismet: The people at wordpress are very creative and believe me, they always come up with good ideas. Akismet is another great plugin they created and this plugin is the “god father” of spam. It eats spam like you are eating chicken and is one of the best spam plugin out there. 5. GrowMap Anti SpamBot Plugin: This plugin will add a client side generated checkbox to your comment form asking users to confirm that they are not a spammer. It is a lot less trouble to click a box than it is to enter a captcha and because the box is genereated via client side javascript that bots cannot see, it should stop 99% of all automated spam bots. 6. CommentLuv: You surely have commented on a number of blogs and you will have seen something like: “{Commenter’s} last blog post” below each comment? If you also want to have something similar on your blog then commentluv plugin is the only plugin you need. It helps you give your commenters some “REAL” love . 7. Comment Redirect: How many new commenters do you have each day? Maybe 10, or 20 or more. Have you ever thought of making them loyal readers or mailing list subscriber in an ethical way? This plugin helps you do exactly that. You can create a page and then tell it to redirect every new commenter to it.  You can decide to redirect them to a page telling them you will approve their comments shortly and that they can stay updated by subscribing to your feed. 8. Contact Form 7: Having a contact form on your blog is a way of telling your readers that you care because it makes it seemingly easy for them to contact you when they need your help. 9. Do Follow: Oh! Oh! So you hate those guys at nofollow inc and you believe giving your commenters a dofollow link is one of the best ways to show them love. This plugin does exactly that, it helps you remove the EVIL nofollow attribute from your blog’s comment section. 10. Subscribe to Comment: This wordpress plugin makes it easy for a commenter to subscribe to comments on any of your blog posts so that he/she would be notified anytime a new comment is made on any of your post subscribed to. 11. FD Feedburner Plugin: So you are tired of losing count of your feed subscribers? This plugin helps you redirect the default wordpress feed to your feedburner address, it detects every method by which your feed can be accessed and it helps you redirect it. 12. Feed Stats For WordPress Plugin: Oh! So we have another blogger addicted to stats. You love to check your stats and the likes, then this plugin is for you, it will put your feed stats a click away from you and you can easily know how many subscribers you have through wordpress. 13. Login Lockdown: Is your blog allowing user registration and you want to prevent your blog from hackers or spammers? Then login lockdown is the plugin you need. This plugin gives you the option to ban an IP for a period of time after trying to login without success 3 times – of course, the options can be customized to suit your needs. 14. Google Analyticator: So you are looking for an easy way to integrate Google Analytics into your blog without having to update code anytime you change your theme? This plugin does exactly so and also gives you the option to display the stats in your wordpress dashboard. 15. Highlight Author Comments: Ever wondered how to make your comments as the author of a blog absolutely unique and distinct from that of others? This wordpress plugin does so, you only need to add the CSS code you want it to use and all is done. 16. Maxblogpress Ninja Affiliate: Ever worried about low affiliate commissions or you think you are being cheated by affiliate networks? This simple plugin helps cloak, automatically convert and track clicks to affiliate links. 17. One Click Plugin Updater: Have you ever logged in to your wordpress admin dashboard only to find 8 (or more)plugins waiting for you to update them? This is really frustrating and just as the name suggests this plugin helps you update them all at once. 18. ReplyMe: This wordpress plugin sends a mail to the author of a comment anytime his/her comment is replied. 19. Reputation Management for WordPress Plugin: This is a simple wordpress plugin that lets you know when your name (or brand) is mentioned on the web. You can read more about the plugin and how to use it here. 20. RSS Footer: The best way to grow your RSS feed is by offering subscribers freebies, this might look difficult but this wordpress plugin helps you simplify that. 21. Statpress Reloaded: Maybe you want another way of knowing who visits your blog. Statpress reloaded is another great statistics plugin that shows real time stats right from your wordpress admin. 22. W3 Total Cache: If you do get a lot of visitors to your blog then you stand the chance of your server crashing one day. Nothing to worry about, this simple plugin helps make sure your site is cached so that it can load faster and prevents it from crashing your server. 23. Threat Scan Plugin: This wordpress plugin helps you scan your wordpress files for any unwanted code and quickly notifies you when there is a change. 24. Twitterlink Comment: This plugin makes it seemingly easy for  your commenters to insert their twitter id whenever they are commenting. 25. Clean Archives Reloaded:  Clean Archives Reloaded generates a list of all of your posts, sorted by month. It’s enhanced with Javascript to allow collapsing and expanding of months. It’s highly efficient and won’t kill your server with tons of MySQL queries. Clean archives reloaded is the perfect wordpress plugin for creating a great archives page. 26. WordPress Database Backup: This plugin helps you backup your wordpress database and also allows you to access it easily. It has various options and you can configure it to send the back ups to your inbox every day,week or month. 27. What Would Seth Godin Do: This plugin is really powerful and it plays a significant role in increasing my subscribers. You can configure it to display a message to first time visitors. The message might be to tell them to subscribe to your feed and/or newsletter. It also supports HTML. 28. Stats: This  is another great plugin from wordpress that helps you track visits and pageviews to your blog, it also displays stats on your wordpress dashboard. Plugins are really great and helpful because they help enhance your blog and provide a better user experience. The above are 28 great wordpress plugins you must have.
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